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What is HandBalancing?
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The Show

A typical show is a 6 to 10 minutes choreographed performance in a 10'x 10' x 15' area.

We customize our performance to your event:

We know that you may have your own vision and requirements for your event, and we offer many options to customize our show:

  • Music
  • We provide our own music, or can custom design a show set to music of your choice.

  • Choreography
  • We design our own show choreography, and we welcome suggestions and requests to tailor our show to meet your vision.

  • Length of Performance
  • We can design the show to suit the needs of your event.

    A short performance is approximately 2 minutes in length and is usually performed in 2 or 3 separate sets. This option is ideal for performances in nightclubs and bars.

    A longer performance is one approximately 10 minute act.

  • Size of Performance Area
  • Compact space

    We perform in an 8' by 8' area with a minimum ceiling height of 12'.

    This is a good option for smaller events where space is limited, such as club events and receptions.

    Large space

    We perform in a (minimum) 8' by 8' area with a minimum ceiling height of 15'.

    This is suitable for larger events where space is not restricted. It is an excellent option when a stage is available and maximum visibility is desired, like stadium events and corporate events.

  • Costumes
  • We have a variety of performance costumes to fit the style of your event, from children's events to corporate events, and from tradeshows to nightclubs.

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