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What is HandBalancing?

HandBalancing parallels the artistry of architecture...to the artistry of the human form and uses the paradigm of beautiful architecture. It is the strength shown between the performers as two or more individuals begin forming a new beautiful singular structure, a unique moving sculpture. With the combination of interconnecting shapes, the act works in harmony with gravity. It seams as if they are defying gravity... they are not defying gravity...they are working with gravity to define something distinctive.

KENNiMATTix defines their art as an acrobatic strength and balancing performance. The movements and figures used in our performance utilizes many parts of the human body in conjunction with their combined physical strength to create interconnecting shapes to construct phenomenal architecture in motion since in HandBalancing, it is not all just "hand to hand" or "hand to peg" balancing.

As you see the amazing feats of strength and balance, you will begin to sense the connection and trust between these two performers. Their intensity and passion will overwhelm you as you start to comprehend the complexity of their art.

With Matthew being 6'1" at 195 lbs and contrastingly, Ken being 5'4" at 140 lbs, though both being statuesque proportional, breaks the mold of traditional twin sized "HandBalancing" duos. In coming together, their unique size differences challenges them to rethink and reinvent most of the figures typically seen and changing the paradigms of how you build things...they are changing the paradigms of how they build their combined human form.

In addition to their structural differences, their visual distinction provides an icon of diversity with its use of confidence, trust, and unity.

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